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Excel Exports is a part of the EXCEL group. The Company has its own identity and a broad vision to capitalize on the growing Export Market of India. Post liberalization and after the opening of the economy there is huge potential and good prospects related to export of goods from this Country. Initially confined to dealing with a few Products, the Company is poised to grow in a multidimensional way focusing in dealing with export of high end value Products which will conform to the highest International standards. Based at the epicenter of India, the Company has the reach and contacts to source any Product from all corners of the Country. The Management is well experienced and exposed to the various facets of Exports and have diversified specializations in various fields.

It has a very well defined road map with a long term vision to be one of the best in the field. The middle management level consists of professionals who are well versed with all the attributes required to be of the best service to our valued Clients. Effort is made at the operational level to find the best deals both for our Suppliers as well as our valued Clients. Overheads are maintained to the minimum and the most effective logistic services are hired to execute all Projects at the most effective and competitive price to our valued Clients. A comprehensive and detailed check list ensures that all operations are conducted at every level in an efficient manner to ensure completion on a time bound basis.

One of the core areas of specialization for which the Organization is renowned is in its ability to source any Product based on the specific requirements of its valued Clients. Wherever possible the Company looks forward to dealing directly with the Manufacturers. Based on the quantum and urgency, of the requirement, intense negotiations are carried out at the highest level to ensure that our valued Clients have access to the best which they can expect in relation to their Business.

Through its internal mechanism and extended network the Company keeps its Clients informed about any new Products, which could have huge potential abroad in their countries. Many of our valued Clients have gained considerably through this initiation of ours. In dealing with us, you will have the benefit and the advantage of a very professional, transparent and a highly valued Company’s back up support, to do tremendous value addition to your existing Business operations.